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Tech Support

Tech Support

Tech Support

Brigade is your trusted and reliable partner for all tech support services. Globally, businesses confront the challenges of changing technology, mounting operation costs and rising customer expectations. The demand is for customer-focused solutions and world-class tech support services.

Brigade brings to global tech support services a customized and competitive difference. Our customers are Fortune 500 companies that aim to bring high quality of tech support to their customers. Brigade offer of tech support for the global majors include,

Services, products or applications for an end-user
Prompt efforts to solve queries of the users through emails, voice chat and web
Dedicated helpdesk and highly responsive customer interaction centre
Focus extensively on the entire gamut of technical support services.

Global industries specializing in the following areas avail our technical support services

  • PC, Laptops
  • Hardware, Software services
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Application Service Providers (ASPs)
  • Wireless Vendors
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • IT-enabled toys, games and products
  • Banking and Finance
  • Internet Service Providers

The benefits we offer our clients include,

Upgraded customer support services

Skilled and trained technical helpdesk executives

Rationalized business processes

Robust and responsive online computer support services

An edge to perform better even in critical situations

Speedy troubleshooting methods Customized solutions for higher customer satisfaction

Robust and reliable remote network and well-equipped server management system

Facilitates interconnection between offices even that are at different locations

Provides support 24×7 to suppliers, clients and buyers

Brigade monitors next-generation BPO services and network applications. Our tech support is enabled by the experienced and skilled set of people, who bring the advantages of lower costs and reduced risk to tech support services provided to each client. We have ensured that our clients receive tech support at the most economical rates.

Our full-scale and anytime available online support system helps in providing professional tech support services. The focus on quality manpower through quality recruitment, on the job training and continuing education at the clients’ establishment, keeps our teams up-to-date and prepared for all tech support challenges.

We work at two levels of tech support by promptly focusing on Inbound and Outbound calls. Inbound tech support service includes inquiry handling, technical support, phone answering, customer surveys, and answering services. Outbound tech support services focus on improving revenues by enhancing the level of customer satisfaction.

Our extensive and quality tech support service offerings include:

Email Support
Chat Support
Inbound calls
Outbound calls
Installation support
Desktop support
FAQ Management
Software installation
Customer queries
Product & Application support
Product Technical Assistance
Connectivity related problems
Troubleshooting support
Network tech support
Remote IT infrastructure management services
New product launch & Subscriptions support
Problem Solving/Complaint Handling
Dispatch of service technicians