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When did Brigade start its BPO services?

Since 1998, we have been empowering our clients to achieve business transformation and growth.

What is the major factor for your high rate of success in the BPO industry?

Our Global Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India brings an unparalleled competitive advantage to each client engagement. We have the best and well experienced staff to manage each client’s business processes.

Why should we choose Brigade for our business process outsourcing services?

Brigade defines business processes outsourcing as an important source for strategic management. If the global industry is to stay competitive, and sustain business growth, the adoption of more efficient organizational designs is needful. Our focused efforts aim to bring organizational efficiency through cost reduction, productivity growth and innovative capabilities.

What are the specific areas of business process where Brigade brings phenomenal value?

Brigade offers end-to-end BPO services to the global industry. Brigade offers the entire spectrum of our business process services that include, Private Equity Research, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Customer Support, Logistics, Sales Support & Up selling, Loan and Lease Processing, and Back Office Processing

What are the quality standards adhered by Brigade?

High quality is at the core of all our BPO services. Brigade is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27001:2005 and Six Sigma Certified BPO services provider. We ensure quality at all levels of the business process viz planning, implementing, operating and scaling outsourcing solutions.

What are the organizational values of Business?

Brigade’s organizational values aim at driving greater trust, business value for each client. We also aim to enhance each business/customers’ delight. Our cherished organizational values are Quality, Cost, Confidentiality, Transparency, Competency and Technology

What are the three pillars of Brigade's best-in-class business process outsourcing services?

At Brigade it is a point of consensus that, the success of leadership is predominantly dependent on the strength of the three Pillars – People, Process and Technology.

Why people/staff are considered so important at Brigade?

Surely, people are the life-line of our business, which ensure total project success. By providing job satisfaction, the right working environment, professional competency, opportunities for growth and financial rewards we could not only achieve success but also sustain our market precedence over a period of time.

What process improvements are furthered for achieving better BPO services?

The inefficiencies and deviations in client’s business processes are identified and eliminated with the right mindset, upgraded skills, and proven aptitude. We have empowered our people to challenge the status quo by adopting innovative thinking and enhanced professional competency.

What technology difference do you bring to each client engagement?

By using the right technology, we aim to realize enhanced strategic value for our client’s business organization. Our technology capabilities help global businesses to strategically balance expansion, infrastructure, and mobility demands. Technology is a crucial element in determining the success of the right operating model for each business process.

What are the chief benefits of your Global Delivery Model?

Our global delivery model offers a number of benefits to the client’s organization.

  • Helps to minimize cost & offers 24×7 resource convenience
  • Expertise and knowledgeable operational team
  • Distribution and integration of workload in a smart manner
  • Faster response to changing client requirements

What are the services that are included under customer support?

Brigade has over 24 years of industry experience, and offers customer support services to a number of global clients. We offer customer service solutions by leveraging on robust channels of voice, chat, text, and email. By this, we totally resolve every customer query and support requirement. Our extensive and quality customer service offerings include:

  • Inbound calls
  • Outbound calls
  • Customer queries
  • FAQ Management
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Prompt Query Resolution
  • Superior Client Engagement
  • Fast Turn-around-time
  • 24×7 Assistance
  • Billing
  • Retention
  • Sales