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Back Office Processing

Back Office Processing

Back office operations are crucial for front office and field staff’s performance and efficiency. So, understandably, Back office processes do not involve any upfront functions. Brigade offers end-to-end, reliable and quality back office support services. Our processes include Accounting, Book-keeping, Data entry, Payroll processes, Strategy planning, and implementation. By our robust and scalable back-office services, we free our clients of their back-office functions and ensure greater focus on the core tasks for their business.

Brigade’s Business process services are enabled by inbound and outbound voice process. Inbound voice process aims to assist the customers, and the outbound voice process aims at acquiring new customers. Through our Global Delivery Centre located in Hyderabad, India we facilitate both inbound and outbound call centre services. Our business process strategy is to focus on an ideal mix of both inbound and outbound to generate phenomenal value for each global business. However, to decide on the ideal mix, our professional staff research and report on the client-specific industry, and accordingly strategize the business process.

Brigade brings to each client engagement more than two decades of experience in global BPO services. Our teams assist your business with robust customer service and focused sales efforts. We bring the best of the BPO industry’s expertise and resources to effectively support the business with our inbound and outbound call center customer services.

Our of back-office processing services offers the benefits of competitive pricing, multi-channel support, call center infrastructure, quality assurance and monitoring, call center hiring, best in class technologies, quality assurance and monitoring, and standard call center security process. We offer high quality outbound call center and customer care support outsourcing services to various businesses and organizations, across different industry verticals.

Some of the notable differentiators of our business process outsourcing services are,

Highly skilled customer service professionals with outstanding expertise

Always available and dedicated Internet connectivity for efficient and quality call making and answering

Provision for multi channel communication

Making efficient outbound and inbound customer service and sales calls

Regular training and development to all our inbound and outbound call center outsourcing staff with focus on enhancing their communication skills