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Contract Drafting

A well-written legal contract draft is extremely crucial to rightly capture in words the terms and conditions for the two parties involved in the contract. Legal contract drafts that are precise and clear help provide the legal protection that is needed for different reasons, be it a business deal, or any other purpose. While there is a certain basic format for all kinds of legal contracts, sometimes, there’s a need to customize and change the format a little bit to ensure that the message or terms mentioned in the legal contract are clear. This makes it crucial for individuals and companies to work with expert attorneys and law firms that have experience in legal contract drafting.

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Legal Contract Drafting Services We Offer:

Brigade has a team of lawyers and attorneys from different places around the world who have the required qualifications and experience to provide legal contract drafting services that comply with the legal regulations. We work for law firms, law departments, as well as individuals and businesses that need help with legal contract drafting. While we have described several types of legal contract drafting services that we offer, we are also open to other types of drafting and agreements.

Following are some forms of contract requirements that we undertake –

  • ✔  Independent Contractor Agreement
  • ✔  Employment Contract
  • ✔  Power of Attorney
  • ✔  Shareholder’s and Stockholder’s Agreement
  • ✔  Joint Venture Contract
  • ✔  Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • ✔  Consulting Contract
  • ✔  Other types of Contracts and Agreements

Legal Contract Abstraction Services

Brigade is one of the leading providers of legal contract abstraction services to clients around the globe. We understand each client’s unique requirements and provide them with customized services. Some of the key legal contract abstraction services we offer include –

  • ✔ Lease Abstraction
  • ✔ License Abstraction
  • ✔ Consultancy Agreement Abstraction
  • ✔ On-going Contract Abstraction
  • ✔ Insurance Agreement Abstraction
  • ✔ Master Service Abstraction
  • ✔ NDAs Abstraction
  • ✔ Hosting Service Agreement Abstraction
  • ✔ Class Action Summary Abstraction
  • ✔ Statement of Work Abstraction
  • ✔ Vendor Agreement Abstraction
  • ✔ Deposition Summary Abstraction
  • ✔ Case Law Summary Abstraction
  • ✔ Dispute Management Abstraction
  • ✔ Contract Repository Agreement Abstraction


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Legal Managed Services

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Brigade is one of the leading providers of legal managed services to clients around the world for over two decades now. We have the required expertise and skills to understand each client’s unique business requirements and provide them with customized services to clients. Some of the key legal managed services we offer include –

  • Legal Entity Management:Our team has the required skills and expertise to provide clients with accurate and error-free legal entity management services. We leverage the latest tools and software and deliver the best quality services to clients including –
    • ✔ Annual compliance services
    • ✔ Document assessments
    • ✔ Corporate changes
    • ✔ Legal entity simplification
    • ✔ Review of governance structures
    • ✔ Corporate data management



  • Contract Lifecycle Management:Our team comprises some of the most experienced and skilled contract lifecycle management experts who can cater to all your requirements with ease. We leverage the power of the latest and the best tools and technologies while delivering superior quality services to clients.
  • Legal Project Management: We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with the best quality legal project management services. We make use of the latest tools and methodologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.
  • Legal Regulatory Mapping: We have access to the latest infrastructure and software which enables us to provide the best legal regulatory mapping services. We ensure to understand each client’s unique business requirements and provide the client with services that are customized to their needs
  • Legal Staffing Services: Our team of legal experts at Brigade has the required skills and expertise to provide clients with the best legal staffing services for all their business requirements. We ensure that we know your requirements and provide services that are tailor-made to suit your needs.

Legal Bookkeeping Services

Brigade offers a wide range of legal bookkeeping services to help you keep up-to-date with the financial information of your organization. From accounts receivable to financial reporting, we can help you keep an eye on your operations while reducing the operating costs at the same time. A few of the many legal bookkeeping services that we offer include –

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  • Account Receivable Services: As part of our account receivables services for your legal operations, we can – Generating invoices based on receipts, such as confirmation of legal services and a copy of the order
    • ✔  Providing support for the statement/description you requested
    • ✔  Uploading of the electronic invoice
    • ✔  Updating accounts receivable factoring 


  • Accounts Payable Services: As a leading legal bookkeeping service provider, we have the know-how and expertise to provide account payable services. Some key support services include –
      • ✔  Updating Bookkeeping system
      • ✔  Processing of Invoice
      • ✔  Resolving/escalating any type of account payable issues (open)
      • ✔  Escalating issues when incorrect bills are generated
      • ✔  Maintaining accounts payable


  • Bank Reconciliation: Most lawyers and legal firms have to sign many checks, collect receipts, and make numerous bank deposits. There is a high probability of these financial activities to remain unchecked. Therefore, at Brigade, we offer comprehensive banking reconciliation services. Some of them are –
    • ✔ Reconciling the bank records to resolve discrepancies between the bank statements
    • ✔ Reconciling all or part of the account
    • ✔ Tracking open checks and deposits in real-time
    • ✔ Comparing invoices with the in-house ledger
    • ✔ Checking for inserted, issued, redeemed, and cancelled checks
    • ✔ Creating reconciliation reports


  • Invoice Processing: We provide invoice processing services for small and medium-sized legal firms with the help of our capable team and by leveraging the latest technology. Some key services under our invoice processing for legal entities include –
    • ✔ Getting scanned bills from customers
    • ✔ Indexing files/documents of all types
    • ✔ Extracting data from line items or headers
    • ✔ Data entry (Manual and automatic both)

Legal Billing Services

With the top-rated Legal Billing services, we are here to ensure that you receive all your legal dues at the earliest with the least amount of hassles.

  1. Client Billing: We verify all legal documents, bills, solicitor’s invoices, and/ or law firm invoices mandatory for legal billing as well as paperwork related to billing for legal research. Every document concerning legal aid billing is cross-checked for its authenticity before generating bills to be sent to your clients. We scrutinize and identify any/ all attorney invoices that could lead to the potential delay of your payment. Please note that any fraudulent data will lead to the immediate cancellation of the billing process.
  2. Data Entry for Legal Billing:We enter every minute detail provided to us in the legal time and billing software. We provide you with an e-copy and a hard copy (upon request) of all the bills prepared by us that are to be sent across to your client after your authorization. All documents are password protected and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel.
  3. Legal Bills Processing: We carefully check that all information entered into the billing software is correct thus ensuring that no problems arise during processing. The generation of bills is done as per international protocol followed by lawyers. We submit the bill drafts for your analysis and await your approval before submitting the final invoice to the client.
  4. Accounting for Legal billing: Our accounting department minutely cross-checks all the financial details sent to us by your legal team. Availing our automated accounting services with the latest law firm accounting software will help you to swiftly update records of expenses, payments, etc. It will also help you bill for services either hourly or daily as per selected criteria. You can create custom rates for your associates, paralegals, and all other work staff. With an accounting team as great as ours, you can be assured of correct calculations of all payments.

Law Firm Accounting Services

Brigade is a highly reputed law firm accounting service provider and has catered to the needs of a wide variety of attorneys and law firms from across the world. We will always work closely with you to determine your exact requirements and provide you with custom law firm accounting services that perfectly meet your requirements. Our law firm accounting services include 

  • ✔ Accounting Setup Services
  • ✔ Payroll Processing Services
  • ✔ Accounts Payable Services 
  • ✔ Income Statements Preparation Services 
  • ✔ Financial Statements & Reporting Services
  • ✔ Closing Entries Preparation Services 
  • ✔ Balance Sheet Preparation Services
  • ✔ Cash Flow Budgeting Services 
  • ✔ Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Review Services 
  • ✔ Financial Analysis and Reporting Services 
  • ✔ Accounts Receivable Services 
  • ✔ Management and Reporting Services 
  • ✔ Cost Variance Analysis and Reporting Services



Document Review Services

Document review in legal proceedings helps avoiding errors and assumptions. During legal document review, sensitive case details are highlighted to form better arguments. Legal document review requires complete knowledge of the law as well as an eye for details. Many law firms, independent attorneys and businesses outsource document review to specialized document review attorneys and legal process outsourcing companies like Brigade to save time and focus on other critical legal tasks.

Brigade has extensive experience in reviewing legal documents for litigations, investigations, mergers and acquisitions, government documents, internal/external audits, and more. We follow the rules and procedures set by the presiding court. Our expert document review team can take care of reviewing any volume of documents, practice areas, complexities, budgets, languages, international laws, adversarial environment, etc., quickly and cost-effectively.

  1. Document Review Support Staff: Often law firms and attorneys require constant help with document review and eDiscovery. We have a team of experts ready to work for you according to your needs and workload. You can hire our trained document review experts, attorneys, paralegals, litigation support staff, translators, foreign-language attorneys, etc., based on your case requirements, budget, and deadlines.
  1. Client Managed Legal Document Review: Our clients choose us for working in-sync with their own legal teams and help with document review tasks and other litigation support activities whenever needed. This flexible approach allows our clients to maintain complete control over the review process and keep the work on track. Our dedicated project manager transparently manages client communication and ensures that quality is maintained.
  2. Technology-Assisted Legal Document Review: We make use of cutting-edge technology to bring specific information to light. With techniques like keyword research, date range research, email threading, clustering, customized coding, etc., we can quickly identify all the relevant and the non-relevant documents. The documents are then sent to the right subject matter experts for further reviewing.

Legal Document Review Process We Offer:

Legal Document Collection, Legal Document Sharing, Legal Document Formatting, Initial Analysis Thorough Document Review & Production.

Litigation Support Services


Our Comprehensive Commercial Litigation Services

Brigade expertise in commercial litigation services by handling cases in wide domain areas such as –

  1. Banking and Lender Liability Litigation Services: With our banking and lender liability services, we represent defendants and plaintiffs in a range of commercial disputes such as bank fraud, lending agreement violations, issues with loan workouts and restructuring, mortgage refinance and foreclosures, securities litigation, and so on.
  1. Breach of Contract Litigation Services: We have wide experience in handling breach of contract lawsuits for all types of agreements across different industries. We have handled difficult cases such as contracts for construction, contracts for commercial leases, contracts for employment, business debts, asset-purchase agreements, licensing, and even other types of agreements.
  1. Class Action Litigation Services: We specialize in class action commercial litigation services. Our exposure to class action lawsuits includes unlawful employment practices, allegations of substandard products, wrong advertising practices, discrimination in workplaces, and many more such causes. Our steadfast services have provided restitution to plaintiffs and ensure they do not lose out on gains because of attorney costs.
  1. Data Privacy and Cyber Security Litigation Services: We have represented our clients in several data violation issues before state and federal regulatory agencies and courts. We have handled cases such as unauthorized access to data, disclosure or unauthorized use of personally identifiable information (finance and health), and violations of security measures including inadequate cybersecurity steps to protect data. Our efficient and meticulous services have assisted our clients to get proper compensation for damages caused by cyber intrusions, including ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, sabotage, and social media defamation.
  1. Financial Fraud Litigation Services: Having represented our clients in several financial fraud litigation services, we have developed a comprehensive approach to litigation and forensic services in which we combine our experience and knowledge to represent cases. From financial damages and lost profit analysis to investigating and quantifying financial fraud and embezzlement our expertise has helped our experts have pooled their expertise to provide robust loss recovery services to our clients.
  1. Media and Entertainment Litigation Services: With this service, we provide a complete range of counselling and litigation services for every media-related issues. Several media clients have availed our services to tackle issues such as the invasion of privacy, defamation; trademark and copyright infringement litigation, access litigation, and so on. Our clients include newspapers, online publishers, broadcasters’ authors, and individual journalists, freelance writers, advertising agencies, and so on.

Commercial Litigation Services

Our Comprehensive Commercial Litigation Services

  1. IP licensing Litigation Services: We also protect businesses from false third-party assertions. This includes invalidation of patents that come in the way of any business and establishing non-infringement and validity issues. Our end-to-end IP licensing litigation services includes providing opinions, re-examining patent post-grant and inter party reviews, opposing trademark issues, and cancellations. Our deep understanding of the legal issues has helped our business clients protect their core interests under the patent and IP laws.
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation Services: We provide a full range of corporate law services to facilitate mergers, restructuring, and acquisition process for businesses. Our services are tailored to take into account all the major legal requirements such as corporate law, corporate compliance, vendor due diligence to make mergers seamless and legally sound. Our complex advisory services have assisted our clients with commercially focused solutions to some of their most challenging business issues.
  3. Professional Liability for Professional Services Providers: We have wide experience in providing litigation services across all types of professional liability risk. We have assisted large accounting firms in class action suits, lawyers and accountants in negligence claims, accountants from all types of regulatory proceedings, engineers and architects in regulatory proceedings and construction claims, doctors in medical malpractice claims, and surveyors in property-related cases. Besides, we have also safeguarded the professional interests of individual insurance agents, brokers and share market middlemen.
  4. Real Estate Litigation Services: With this service, we protect the interests of builders. We have a battery of real estate attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of real estate law and extensive experience in solving complicated real estate cases. Besides complex dispute resolution function, our litigators also help in advisory role functions for complex and high value and transactional work and everyday portfolio management issues. We have attorneys specializing in different sections of real estate such as builder-buyer agreements, property sale, title search, transfer deeds, trusts and estates, property investment agreements, wills, and testaments, etc.