Business verticals

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Brigade’s business process support for the consumer electronics industry includes,

Sales Operations

Our call center drives inbound, outbound and online sales, signups and test drives. The client can leave all their sales operations to us and focus on product and strategy. We offer all the high-value driven sales and up selling services to our clients. Our sincere efforts are aimed at reactivating lost/dormant customers with advanced analytics. Our sales teams study each customer’s behavior/usage insights and provide you with performance reporting for sales productivity.

Customer Care

Brigade's resounding success in customer care services is based on deploying the right people, technologies, and best industry practices.

Product and Technical support

We provide end-to-end product and technical support to our clients. Our business process team includes advisors and consultants that are concerned with providing product/usage feedback.

Warranty Claims Managements

Brigade's business process professionals handle all your customers' new warranty activations, eligibility inquiries, and claims requests, replacements or reimbursements. With due focus on workflow automation, we have reduced the cycle times and overall claims costs that lead to achieving high quality and customer satisfaction.