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Sales Support & Up Selling

Sales Support & Up Selling

Brigade’s sales and up selling support is realized through inbound and outbound customer service. This is provided to customers through robust channels of voice, chat, text, and email. Our Outbound customer service follows a dynamic and proactive approach. Our trained agents contact customers and follow up each service issue they receive. The calling team also notifies customers of each customer’s offer of new products or policy changes.

Inbound Sales promotions are done by our call centers located at our Global Delivery Centre. Our calling teams serve as customer’s single point of contact for all service issues. We have one dedicated calling number for all customer queries. When the customer call lands at our call centre, a calling executive receives it to take the order for products, receive payment, register a purchase or provide additional product information.

Brigade’s outbound customer services helps to strengthen customer relationships. The calling team maintains continuous contact with customers, and contributes to improving the quality of customer experience. A simple welcome call is enough to provide a new meaning to customer relationship, and create a congenial environment for new products and services. Also, calling customers for feedback on the quality of the product or service reflects your responsive nature and concern for the client’s satisfaction.

Our Sales and up selling support services maintain a consistent standard of service. We have ensured that customer calls are answered quickly, and waiting times are minimized even though the call volumes vary as per the shift timings. The strength and competencies of our calling staff is matched with the call volumes. This has benefited either way, with customers gainfully availing our customer sales and up selling support on the basis of a competitive and scalable pricing model.

Our extensive and quality business process services for promotion of product and service Sales and Up-Selling include,

Customer Acquisition
Appointment Settings
Product/Service Promotion
Welcome Call
Data Validation Services
Cross-Selling & Up-Selling
Customer Reminders
Tele Sales