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Brigade offers reliable, innovative and value-driven business process solutions to the global Logistics sector. The efficiency and progress of logistics majorly depends on proper management of its supply chain. Brigade’s difference is in providing efficient business process services to logistics so that the goods are delivered in a timely manner and customers delight is achieved. We help the global logistics sector to remain competitive with cheaper prices and quicker delivery times.

Our extensive and quality business process services for the logistics industry include:

  • Customer support
  • Waybill tracking
  • Shipment tracking
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Skip tracing

Brigade’s experience in logistics outsourcing services spans over 20 years. We have the right capabilities to streamline the logistics processes and enhance the supply chain. As an ISO 27001 certified organization, we place paramount importance on security, quality and accuracy while executing logistics support services.

Our dedicated team of agents specializes in providing solutions for the shipping and logistics industry. We provide comprehensive industry specific training to all the team members, which help to produce desirable outcomes and thoroughly benefit all our logistics clients.

Brigade’s BPO services cover road (LTL), ocean, air and rail logistics. The coverage of services includes both core aspects as well as the additional services of logistics. Significantly, our focus is on reducing the costs and streamlining the supply chain.


The global road freight logistics faces the challenges of rising oil prices and stagnant economic climate. Brigade’ difference is in logistics offerings which are well defined and offer custom business process solutions specific to the logistics industry.


Ocean shipment logistics helps in movement of goods across international boundaries. The logistics challenges confronted by ocean shipping industry are many and diverse. The challenges are evident as recession, falling consumer demand, reduced inventory, and marginal industry growth rates. Brigade offers efficient and custom business process solutions for the Ocean Shipment industry, which includes adherence to lean management practices. Our focus is definitely on finance and accounting, and Call Centre Services.


The rising oil prices and a stagnant economic climate have forced the rail freight industry to adopt revolutionary changes. Brigade’s all encompassing solution for freight logistics aim to drive growth and ensures it remains competitive.By adopting new approaches and creating the needful differentiation we enable the rail freight businesses to face their competitors.


Brigade’s business process services for air freight service providers includes, air way bill processing, freight audit and payment, invoice processing, finance and accounting.