Business verticals


Brigade is an equal opportunity company. The people with the right qualifications, skills and competencies, expertise and experience are provided the right positions. Through timely training interventions and skills enhancements programs held in-house and at client’s location, all staff members are given complete opportunities to learn, grow and progress professionally.

Recruitment is an ongoing process at Brigade, with focused efforts made to match the right set of people with the client’ business process requirements. We require the following personnel for our ongoing and upcoming BPO processes.

Inbound & Outbound Process:

Graduates from any stream with or without experience are preferred. The recruitment process begins with face-to-face interview, and test of English proficiency. The experienced staff members are taken as per their past experience.

Specialized personnel: 

For the specialist business processes, we are hiring people with experience in managing Private Equity Research, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Customer Support, Logistics, Sales Support & Up selling, Loan and Lease Processing, and Back Office Processing.

Open Positions