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Customer Support

There cannot be any business without customers, and the most successful businesses are those that rise up to the expectations of clients, and meet the clients’ requirements totally. The most vital part of business progress is its interaction with its clients and customers. As the organization keeps growing, managing customer calls and related works requires time, specialized skills, resources (people and infrastructure) and follow-up.

Specialized agencies with experience in Business Process Outsourcing help you to stay in touch with your customers around the clock. Brigade provides superior customer support services. Our call centers based at our Global Delivery Centre in Hyderabad works as the bridge between the companies and their end users/customers. Brigade is committed to provide enhanced customer experience and building customer loyalty through inbound and outbound customer support, which has a strong bearing on the success or regress of a company’s business.

Brigade helps businesses by streamlining their back-end business operations. Importantly, by prompt and flawless customer support we help businesses to sustain their customer base and survive the competition. We work at two levels of customer support by promptly focusing on Inbound and Outbound calls. Inbound customer support service includes inquiry handling, technical support, phone answering, customer surveys, and answering services. Outbound customer support services focus on improving revenues by enhancing the level of customer satisfaction.

By providing quality inbound and outbound customer support services, Brigade helps global corporate to focus entirely on their core competencies, and manage their business operations more efficiently.The benefits gained by global businesses from our customer support services are,

Better customer interactions
Enhanced user's trust in company's offerings
Better customer interactions
Gainful access to specialized expertise
Enhance the sales and revenues of the business
Gain a competitive edge and increase brand visibility
Emerge as the nucleus for relevant information about product/services
Gainful flexibility is offered with staff working in shifts and after hours support
Up-sell to satisfied customers

At Brigade, we consider Customer Support services as the brand differentiator. It is proven that faulty customer service leads to customers leaving the business and its offerings and focused and specialized customer service influences the customers to stay with the business and patronize its brand of products and services. If getting new business is a marketing challenge, retaining the existing customers is the challenge increasingly faced by businesses.

It is only by availing Brigade’s established and most successful customer-support services businesses can retain their customers, and gain from repeat business. Brigade has over 24 years of industry experience and offers customer support services to a number of global clients. We offer customer service solutions by leveraging on robust channels of voice, chat, text, and email. By this, we totally resolve every customer query and support requirement.

Our extensive and quality customer service offerings include

Email Support
Chat Support
Inbound calls
Outbound calls
Fast Turn-around-time
24*7 Assistance
Customer Retention
Product support
FAQ Management
Customer acquisition & retention
Helpdesk services
Customer queries
Customer satisfaction surveys
Prompt Query Resolution
Superior Client Engagement