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Brigade Self-help

Right Solutions At The Right Time!

Sometimes the fastest way to solve a problem is to do it yourself. Effective self-help requires a broad range of technologies, management of detailed content, and the appropriate look and feel.

BrigadeLogic® is a web-based, self-help service that acts as an automated emissary to your customers. Our logic contains modules including FAQ, searchable knowledge bases and downloadable files. It is constantly updated to ensure that the latest support issues are covered.

Our logic improves customer satisfaction, because of the rapid answers given to simple, common questions. The SLG for Logics is an impressive over 99% uptime.

An experienced Brigade technician is assigned to work closely with you, to ensure the self-help approach, look and feel and overall philosophy adheres to your standards. An escalation point is provided to human-assisted alternatives, like BrigadeMail® and BrigadeRealtime® when an end-user is unable to find the appropriate answer. A typical BrigadeLogic® implementation requires a minimum of 30 days to complete.


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