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Brigade Transaction Services

Brigade-Where Exceptional Service Delivery Meets Extraordinary Demand

Brigade delivers web-enabled rules-based business transaction processing to clients. Our global transition and client services team members help ensure that clients maintain, and often times improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of services delivered while bringing into balance the cost/value equation associated with non-strategic activities.

In virtually every business, there are repetitive, low-value added activities embedded within important processes. While complex or even mission-critical, they absorb valuable resources that should be directed elsewhere. Brigade offers proven expertise in identifying opportunities where web-enabled, rules-based processing can generate significant economic and performance benefits for the client by outsourcing them to Brigade.

With a track record that spans more than 12 years delivering millions of web-enabled rules-based transactions to industry leading companies, we offer global companies a proven, experienced and performance-focused resource that can make immediate contributions toward your business objectives.

These services support business processes that include enterprise relationship management, finance and accounting, travel industry related, human resources, non-production procurement, Lease processing, Internet Research, Customer Support Survey etc and the technology that supports these processes.


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